FAA makes it illegal to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on planes


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says It’s illegal to use Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 on a plane. Now that a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued an official recall for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 a few days ago.

More specifically, the FAA is asking that passengers:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Disconnect the device from any charging equipment.
  • Disable all applications that could inadvertently activate the phone (e.g., alarm clock).
  • Protect the power switch to prevent its unintentional activation.
  • Keep the device in carry-on baggage or on your person. (Do not place in checked baggage.)

The SAFO urges the airlines: to ensure that cargo and passenger processing employees, and those responsible for cabin safety, are aware of the rules; to ensure that cargo customers are aware of the rules; and to include information and guidance on their websites about damaged or recalled lithium batteries and devices.

Samsung announced yesterday that the first Galaxy Note 7 replacement units will arrive in the US no later than September 21.


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