Here is how Instagram’s algorithm works


Long ago, Instagram listed posts in a chronological order. But as we all know, that is not how it works anymore. But here is some insight about now their algorithm ticks.

In 2016, Instagram implemented a new algorithm to show you posts that you may like, in an order they want, not chronologically. Of course, many people protested, and didn’t like it, and still don’t like it, but Instagram be like “Deal with it”.


Instagram tries to deliver you, what they consider, relative content. And truth be told, they do nail it sometimes. They just track what you like and watch and comment, and based on that data, they are able to estimate what you might like, and show it in your feed. There are three main elements: Interest, Recency and Relationship.

Interest – By keeping an eye on your for a while, and monitoring which pictures you like, with which hashtags and what’s on the photo, Instagram is able to decide which picture to show you – similar how YouTube recommends videos based on your viewing and search history.

Recency – The name explains it. This tries to keep the posts in a chronological order, but as we all know, that is not the case most of the time.

Relationship – This plays a bigger roll with people who follow a lot of people. Similar to interest, it keeps track on who’s pictures you like and comment the most. If you like and comment a lot of X-person’s photos and videos, Instagram will show more of their content.

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The biggest trick is to balance all of this.

Now, all of this is not that complicated. They just monitor the stuff you like and watch, and based on that data, they show you relevant content. I like a lot of car related posts, and of course I’ll see more cars in my feed.

Of course, the Instagram team did not reveal everything.

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