Leaked Motorola One Power looks a lot like iPhone X

Motorola One PowerMotorola One Power

The notch…the notch is everywhere!

Looks like everyone is uhmmm “borrowing” the notch from the iPhone X. Some hate it, other don’t mind it. Some phone manufacturers do their own magic with the notch, while others don’t even bother with it. Then you have the Motorola One Power, which looks A LOT like the iPhone X. Well, at least the leaked renders though.


Not only is the notch present, but same camera layout is there, too. The only real difference is in the badge – not Apple, but Motorola.

However, apart from the leaked design, there is not much we know about this phone, other than the fact that it will have the Android One program, which provides a Google approved experience with fast updates.

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However, judging by the fact that he phone will (most likely) have two cameras, it makes us believe that the phone will not be a budget device, since Android One is not reserved for budget devices only. It is not sure if this is a substitute for the rumored Moto X5, or a completely separate model.

IMO, it is kinda sad to see Motorola, a company which was an innovator for so long, and brought us the very first mobile phone, copy and imitate others.

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