Lenovo might make the first true “all screen” phone

Lenovo Z5Lenovo Z5

Lenovo teased a new phone, which could be the Lenovo Z5, and the world’s first REAL all-screen phone.

Teased on Weibo by Lenovo vice president Chang Cheng, the alleged Lenovo Z5 looks like it could be something we’ve all been waiting for – an actual all-screen phone, with 95% screen-to-body ratio.


Cheng claims that the Lenovo Z5 will feature massive technological breakthroughs, including 18 patented technologies. And it is no wonder, considering just how bold the move is.None of the phones released so far are actually all screen. They are very, very close, but not complete.

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But we do have the technology. Vivo’s apex phone features a pop-up selfie camera, which could solve issues with the front camera. In-screen fingerprint readers are a thing, and “foldable” screens have been here for a while.

If Lenovo does manage to pull this off, it will be so awesome!

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