Microsoft promotes cross-play with Nintendo, “Explore together”

Explore TogetherExplore Together

In a new trailer for the Switch version of Minecraft, there is a massive emphasis of cross-play between the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Note the absence of anything Sony.

Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch is getting a big update, which will bring the Bedrock engine into the Switch version of the game, allowing cross-play with the Xbox One, PC and smartphones. However, Sony seems to very dislike it, and does not allow any cross-play whatsoever.


This is the type of ad you definitely don’t see often. Two rivals in the console market, Microsoft and Nintendo, in the same ad, and even encouraging player to “explore together”. However, fans of Minecraft and other games (like Fortnite) are still mad at Sony for not allowing any kind of cross-play for any game on their platform.

Check the trailer here…

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