New HTC flagship coming on May 23rd

HTC Smartphone releaseHTC Smartphone release

HTC says that this upcoming phone “is more than the sum of its specs”.

Confirmed by a Tweet on HTC’s Twitter, we now have a launch date for the upcoming HTC flagship. And it’ll most likely be the HTC U12. Confirmed to The Verge, the flagship will not have a notch. That is a nice change, since quite a lot of Android devices have adopted the notch.


HTC U12 – What do we know?

Well, from the renders and leaks we do have, the flagship will have a dual rear camera (just like any new phone), but it will also have dual cameras at the front. How they are setup, nobody knows for certain. The fingerprint sensor is at the back, and the phone will have a MicroSD card slot. However, the headphone jack seems to be gone.

It will be interesting to see how HTC copes in the highly competitive Android phone market.

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