New Xbox disability-friendly controller launched

Xbox accessibility controllerXbox accessibility controller

Microsoft releases new controller, aimed at helping gamers with limited mobility.

Aimed to launch later this year, the new controller aims to make gaming easier for those who have some sort of a physical disability. It is quite obvious that Microsoft put in a lot of thinking into this one. The controller features two big buttons on the face, which can be operated by two hands, elbows or feet. It can be placed on your lap, table, of the floor.
Gabi Michel, senior Xbox hardware programme manager says…

We think the traditional Xbox controller is an industry-leading design, but it’s not accessible to gamers with limited mobility.They usually require custom solutions which can cost thousands of dollars and a lot of technical expertise to set up; you often have to go to a non-profit organisation to get them made and there are waiting lists. We wanted to solve all those problems; we created the Xbox adaptive controller to be accessible and affordable.


However, the biggest trick with this controller is that it has 19 3.5mm ports at the back. Users can use these ports to plug in a range of accessibility devices, like pedals, bite switches etc. Using these ports, the setup can be highly customized.

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The accessibility controller is wireless, and is powered by an internal battery. However, it also comes with its own optional power supply so that devices that draw a lot of power – such as mouth-operated quadsticks, controllers designed for quadriplegic players that use a “sip and puff” tube for inputs – can be supported more easily. The controller is plug-and-play and is also 100% compatible with Windows 10. You can buy it, and the accessories, at the Microsoft store.

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