Samsung comments on Exynos-powered S9 battery life

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Have an Exynos-powered S9? Your battery life sucks? Well too bad.

Recently, reports have started to come in that there is a notable difference in battery life between the S9 powered by Snapdragon and Exynos chipset. However, Samsung says..

The Galaxy S9 is a reimagined smartphone designed to provide the best experience possible. Battery discharge time is dependent upon each user’s specific installed apps and settings, as well as other environmental factors. Both processors go through strict and rigorous testing considering real life usage scenarios, in order to provide the same top-of-the-line experience regardless of processor. Samsung is committed to delivering consistent battery performance over the lifecycle of the phone to provide users with an optimal experience.

So, according to Samsung, it is your fault. Right…

Reason for the poor battery life is due to the way Samsung designed the chip. While fast, it is not really efficient, and uses much more power than the Snapdragon. Let’s all just hope for an update that’ll fix the issue.


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