Self-destructing emails might come to Gmail soon


Gmail will soon get a through overhaul, and this fancy new feature might be added.

Confirmed to the Verge, users might soon be able to send an email with an expiration date – “self-destruct”.

However, a self-destruct option isn’t the only thing coming. As you can see in this screenshot by TechCrunch, a new design is also present, as well as smart automatic replies.

Google has yet to confirm that this feature will be included in the redesign, though as TechCrunch points out, other emailing services already have a self-destruct option. ProtonMail, for example, allows users to send emails with a maximum expiration time of 28 days. Recipients of an expiring email who do not use ProtonMail have to instead view the text via a link, which becomes unusable after a set amount of time.

Speaking of messages that dissapear, Facebook has recently announced that they will soon add a feature to “unsend” a message. And speaking of Facebook, you should like us on Facebook.

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