We could see a 512 GB phone very soon


Half a terabyte of storage in your phone is really awesome, and Huawei could make it happen very soon!

First seen on TENAA, it loos like that Huawei is working on a phone with a massive 512GB of storage! Let that sink in for a moment…And think about just how much data that is. Right now, the best you can get is 256 GB.


The device in question in “NEO-AL00”. Apart from offering 512 GB of storage, it also comes with 6 GB of RAM. Think about it. This is something you see on some decent laptops! Apart from the massive memory capacity, we also know that the device could be a dual-sim phone, which could come in handy. And the only other thing we know is that Huawei has “reserved” the name MateX. We could see the device on March 27th in Paris, where Huawei will reveal the P20 and the P20 Pro.


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