How to tell if the Samsung galaxy S7 is original

Galaxy S7

Whether you are a Samsung fan or not, it cannot be denied that the latest flagship from the brand has been extremely successful. The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge from the South Korean company have broken sales records. However, with this much success come repercussions. Copycats and other Galaxy S7 counterfeits are appearing on the smartphone market. Here’s how to identify them so that you don’t fall into the trap.

1.Startup the phone and download the following app from Google Play: Genuine Galaxy or simply search for the name and install the app. The video below demonstrates the process.

2. Launch the application and you should see all the information about your device including: model number and hardware information.

3. Once you got the model number Google the information about your device and see if the specifications match that of what is being shown that includes CPU cores,CPU frequency and so on. The brand should be detected as Samsung, if anything is off such as what the box says the model is if you got a box then you have got a fake as the info is taken directly from the hardware.

4.Another solid way of telling if your device is a fake is to activate the finger print scanner feature and try to open the phone using it after setup then try the wrong finger, a fake fingerprint scanner will often open with any finger and not work as it should but try to fool you into thinking its working.

5. Finally try putting your device in download mode which should have English writing with info about your phone, fakes will have Chinese writing which is a clear indication that what you have is a fake.

How to tell if the Samsung galaxy S7 is original

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