Kaby Lake-X series chips get killed by Intel

i5 X seriesi5 X series

But seriously, though…I don’t think anyone got surprised by this.

From the very start, the Kaby Lake-X series from Intel confused everyone. Sure, the X series itself is pretty special, and has some really awesome CPUs, like the 18-core monster of a CPU. However, you can’t really put an 18-core monster and a measly quad-core i5 in the same basket, can you. But Intel did it, and nobody understood why. And nobody understands it still.


Intel quietly discontinued the Core i5-7640X and Core i7-7740X in a new document outlining end-of-line dates for the chips. The main issue with these CPUs is that they do not offer any significant performance gains, are more expensive and require a more expensive board, the X299 line. That, and consider the fact that the latest, normal i5 has 6 cores.

All things considered, it is no wonder that this line no longer exists, and honestly, nobody even cared about it.

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