New emoji shortcut is coming to Google Chrome

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome

Use emojis a lot in your conversations? You’ll love this new update 🙂

However, it is not out for the public just yet. Currently, it is being tested on the Chrome Canary testing channel, spotted by 9to5google.

How it functions is really simple – right click on the text area and go to the emoji option. It is not dependent on the platform, so it should work on all operating systems – Windows, Mac, ChromeOS…


However, this is nothing new, really. Windows (on some updates) allows you to open a small emoji Window while typing using a “Windows + .” combo. Windows Touch keyboard also supports it, and many other web apps have their own ways of adding some extra emotions to the chat. Still, tho, it is nice that it will be there.

Again, this is still in beta stage, but will come to the public relatively soon.

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