Optane 905P is the fastest SSD ever

Optane 905P SSDOptane 905P SSD

Intel is really pushing the speeds of SSD.

According to testing done by Tom’s Hardware, Intel’s Optane 905P is fast. Really, really fast. It outperforms the Samsung 970 EVO and Intel’s 900P.


In PCMark 8, the Optane 905P is 11% faster than the 900P, and 300% faster than the 1TB 970 EVO.

So what are the numbers?

It promises 2,600 MB/s sequential reads and 2,200 MB/s sequential write speeds.Intel claims a random performance of 575,000 IOPS read and 550,000 IOPS write.

Where this drive really shines is when the CPU needs to go through a lot of data, fast. The 905P delivers similar queue depth 1 and QD2 random read performance, and at QD4 it is capable of 200,000 IOPS with a single CPU core. The 905P also boosts mixed workloads where the controller and memory must execute complex IO steams with data coming and going at very high speeds. This lead to the conclusion that this SSD will increase general application performance.

Also, it looks cool with the fancy blue LEDs.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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