Pixel update is bringing a lift-to-wake and double-tap screen feature


Google is rolling out an update for the Pixel and Pixel XL that adds some new functions that were oddly missing at launch. In fact, folks who used the original Moto X and last year’s Nexus devices will be pleasantly surprised by some of the changes. Unfortunately, the update isn’t available in the US yet.

What are those Moves? “Double-tap to check phone” and “Lift to check phone.” YES. GOOGLE HAS BROUGHT US PRESENTS EARLY.

DroidLife indicates that the update is hitting Canadian Pixel owners. Since Pixel updates come straight from Google, it’s rather odd to see this only making an appearance north of the border. Google hasn’t updated it own factory image or OTA file download pages yet, so this could be the result of a mistaken release.

The over-the-air update comes in at around 261MB, and it’s still Android 7.1. There’s no word yet about the rollout hitting other countries, but if it wasn’t a mistake then do expect that to happen very soon.

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