Rumor: Apple working on a VR and AR headset with two 8k displays


Rumors say it might come out in 2020.

Apple is already somewhat into AR thanks to the latest generation of iPhones. Thanks to the power it has, it can pull of some pretty impressive stuff with the camera. So it is no surprise that Apple could  be working on a VR headset. But it would not be Apple if it didn’t have some kind if a twist. According to a report by CNET, the upcoming Apple VR headset will be 100% wireless. That’s one of the main issues with VR headsets today – too many wires.


The future of VR is expected to be cordless — and Apple wants to bring its trademark simplicity to the setup. The box would use a wireless technology called 60GHz WiGig, the person familiar with Apple’s plans said. A second-generation version, called 802.11ay, would boost speeds and range and make the technology more attractive for high-end VR headsets that aren’t tethered to computers. A final version of WiGig 2.0 likely won’t arrive until 2019.
The box to power Apple’s AR/VR headset also would use a 5-nanometer processor, which is industry lingo for how tightly transistors can be packed into a tiny space. How small are we talking about? According to the National Nanotechnology Initiative, a fingernail grows at a rate of about one nanometer — or a billionth of a meter — a second.

If Apple really does pull this off, it would be a massive game changer – wireless VR! Will it actually happen – only time will tell.

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