SwiftKey getting an awesome “Toolbar” with new and exciting features

Swiftkey toolbarSwiftkey toolbar

This is the biggest update the app has gotten since Microsoft bought SwiftKey some two years ago.

SwiftKey 7 brings a toolbar that can be activated my tapping the + on the predictions bar. It offers “fast and easy access to both new and exiting features”. The new update is rolling out to iOS and Android. Also, if you’re rocking an Android device, you also get stickers in the toolbar.

“You can add Stickers to your messages as they are, or edit them to add your own style and personality to a message,” the team wrote. “Save your favorite Stickers – edited or otherwise – and access them later in Collections, found by tapping on the ‘pin’ icon on the Toolbar.”
They also say that they will add “Exclusive Microsoft Stickers packs”, and location and calendar sharing.

Meanwhile, the GBoard has had almost all of this for a very long time now…

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