Mobile gaming – growing stronger every day

Mobile gamingMobile gaming

Mobile gaming is on the rise, and taking the gaming industry by storm.

Games for your mobile device have always been a thing – even way before Android and iOS came out. Sure, they were much, much more simple, but you could still play the games.

However, in recent times, mobile gaming is becoming evermore popular. Why?

Quite often, if you mention mobile gaming to a “true gamer”, you will usually get a negative reaction, and arguments that mobile gaming is not real gaming. And that is true, but only to a certain degree. Sure, you can’t compare mobile games to games you play on your desktop, but consider this – you have a lot of games that have been ported to mobile. A great example is PUBG or Fortnite – and they are all free!

And that is one of the biggest reasons why mobile gaming is on the rise – it is accessible to anyone with a mobile device. And if you have a relatively decent device, say a Galaxy S6, you can play some really awesome games.


To mobile gaming, there is much more than “Clash of something” or “Age of something”. If you explore a bit more, you’d be surprised by the library of games, GOOD games available, either for free, or for a very low price.

Mobile gaming – replacement for desktop gaming?

As I’ve said, mobile can’t replace desktop. However, for some people, mobile gaming is all they have. I speak from my own experience. For a very long time, I was stuck with a laptop which barely ran Call of Duty 2. However, I had a Huawei P7 back then, which was a pretty good phone a few years ago. Mobile gaming was all the gaming I had. What did I play?

Republique is a really awesome game. It is not free, but it really is worth it, especially if you like stealth games.
Real Racing 3 – it is free. Yes, it does have premium currencies and all that, but I’ve sunk more than 20h into the game, made some huge progress, and never spent any real money.

Dead Trigger 2 is one of my favorite FPS games for mobile.
And you have plenty of other games that are available on desktop and mobile, like Life is Strange, Worms etc.

However, some games really do force you to pay to continue. Well, not technically, but it would take you a very, very long time to grind out the resources to continue playing.

Another big reason why mobile gaming is becoming more popular is, well, that – mobility! You can play games on your phone pretty much everywhere!

So to sum up – mobile gaming is rising because of a few simple facts – mobility and accessibility.

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