Smart walls could be coming soon – Wall++


Smart speakers and smart appliances are cool and all, but a smart wall takes it to another level. A SMART WALL!

Walls are everywhere (duh). But other than separating rooms and being used as a place to hang your fancy drawings, they don’t really have any other functionalities. That’s where Wall++ steps in.


Wall++ uses conductive paint and a custom sensor board to detect touches on the wall, among other things. It can also detect “electromagnetic activity” of other appliances in the room – it can basically tell what is on and what is off in the room. Setting it us is relatively simple –  your walls just need a special treatment, and at a price of 20 USD per square meter. Now, Wall++ is not ready for the public just yet since there is some more work to be done, but think about it – controlling smart devices in your house just by swiping walls. At least you won’t have to yell at Alexa or Google to turn off the lights now. I recommend watching the video to get a better idea about it.


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