Amazon Alexa is getting creepier

Amazon AlexaAmazon Alexa

A while ago, a lot of people reported that Amazon Alexa would randomly start laughing without any command and for no reason. However, it just gets creeper.

Imagine you get an Amazon Alexa for Christmas. Pretty sweet, right? Well, Shawn Kinnear got one for Christmas 2016, and according to him, does not use the assistant much, it just sits in the corner of the room and collects dust. However, in his report to, he said that, while he was in his living room, Alexa said

Every time I close my eyes all I see is people dying.



When he asked Alexa to repeat the statement, it did not understand, and pretended like nothing happened.

Some people are already afraid of having a digital assistant in their home, since they can be hacked and reveal very sensitive info (they CAN hear you, y’know).

Nevertheless, this isn’t really something to worry about, it may as well just be a glitch. A very random, but a specific quote to say, but still…

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