Google Play Store apps getting DRM

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Small changes are coming to the Google Play Store, with the intend to improve security, but it may have some other side effects.

The inclusion of DRM, or Digital Rights Management, was introduced to the Play Store with the intent of improving security. A small amount of metadata will be added to the app which will confirm that the app is legit (that the app came from the Play Store), even if you’re offline.┬áThis can help you of you need to install an app, manually. If the app is “signed” and has proper DRM, you know that it is the real thing, and was not modified. It is not uncommon for a┬ánormal app to be injected with malware code, which could compromise your device and your privacy.


However, this will probably prevent you from doing any sort of modifications to the app if want to or need to. Furthermore, if you’re using an older version of a certain app, you might be forced to update (not like this doesn’t happen already).

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