Google will not let you run GApps on your device if it is not certified


Depending on who you are, this news might not even matter to you. Or it could be a major pain.

Here’s how it rolls – if your device is certified by Google, you can run Google Apps on it (YouTube, Maps, Play Store – basically all Google apps and services). However, if your device is not certified, like Amazon’s Fire OS, or quite a lot of cheap Chinese phones, Google will simply deny you access to log into your Google Account.

Now, this is nothing new. There was a simple solution to this, however, Google will now check your Android system image.

So what do I have to with all this?

If you’re just a regular user, have a certified phone (any Samsung, Sony, Motorola etc.), you should not worry, and just continue on with whatever you were doing. However, if you like to play around with ROMs for your phone, you could run into trouble. Google does allow you to sideload GApps to ROMs, but you are limited to 100 per account. While for most this is enough, it could be a problem for people who test ROMs.


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