Looks like Microsoft Andromeda will be cancelled

Microsoft AndromedaMicrosoft Andromeda

There was plenty of talk about a possible Microsoft Andromeda device. However, it looks like Microsoft has pulled the plug on it.

Microsoft Andromeda is supposed to be a foldable device, something similar to the rumored Samsung’s foldable phone. Andromeda was supposed to bridge the gap between a laptop and phablet.  But unfortunately, looks like Microsoft has pulled the plug on this project, and with a good reason.


And the issue is something which has haunted Microsoft for a very long time. Lack of third-party app support. Nobody wants to make apps for the new device, nor Windows Phone in general.

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However, if you are a Windows Phone fan, there is one thing you can do. You can sign a petition here, in which fans demand that Microsoft does not cancel the project and continues the development. Only time will tell what will really happen here.

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