Lyrid meteor shower is coming soon – here is when it will hapen

Lyrid meteor showerLyrid meteor shower

The conditions for the upcoming meteor shower seem almost perfect!

The Lyrid meteor shower is expected to happen from April 16 to 25. But the peak is expected to happen in the morning of April 22 – regardless of where you live. In general, meteor showers are really difficult to predict, but at least the sky will be moonless, so you should be able to see more. Best you can do is go outside of the city, where there is less “light pollution”. During their peak interval, Lyrid meteors usually fall at a rate of 10 to 20 an hour — considerably more than one would be able to see on any other day of the meteor shower.


An outburst of Lyrid meteors is always a possibility, too, though no Lyrid outburst is predicted for 2018. If you see a meteor … notice whether it leaves a persistent train – that is, an ionized gas trail that glows for a few seconds after the meteor has passed. About a quarter of Lyrid meteors do leave persistent trains.

So find a big open space, and enjoy the show.

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