New Facebook chips will processes videos faster


These new chips will be able to analyze and filter live video content!

Conventional methods used today, usually just raw CPU and GPU horsepower, and not enough. Yann LeCun, cheif AI scientist says that Facebook is making their own chips which are specifically designed for very fast video filtering.


Yann says that current methods are simply not enough, and that more processing power is needed. Right now, Facebook is using Intel CPUs to process all of the videos on the social network. However, as I have said, that is just not good enough. These new chips will help Facebook process videos and live streams much faster. Why? If someone, say, commits a crime on a video, Facebook can be alerted much quicker, and actions can take place much faster,possibly before any consequences.

Will this make Facebook a better place and help them get rid of nasty videos from the platform? Only time will tell.

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Source: venturebeat

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