Next-gen iPhone X will be cheaper for a good reason

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Looks like the next generation iPhone X will not use a Samsung screen.

While the iPhone X is a really impressive piece of tech and set the stage for the bezel-less phones we have now, its price of 1000$ prevented it from being really popular and common. But the price is there with a reason. The iPhone X is simply amazing – considering you don’t mind the notch at the top.

One of the reason for the high price is because Apple is using Samsung-made screens for the iPhone X. While it really does look gorgeous, it is pretty expensive. And with the intent of lowering the costs, Apple is seeking someone else to make the screens. Aaaand that someone else seems to be LG…oh boy.


And this has the potential to be bad. Very bad. LG already got some bad rep because of their screens being used in the Pixel 2 XL, and many users have complained about the poor quality. Furthermore, the screen in LG’s own V30 is really under performing. All this is done just to lower the price of the upcoming iPhone X.
But it seems as if Google is sticking to LG for the display on the upcoming Pixel 3, so that means the company can still improve, and/or Google knows something we do not.

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Bloomberg claims that LG is likely to make only a portion of Apple’s new iPhone displays which could result in ‘good and bad’ models and no-way for a customer to know which one they are getting prior to purchase.

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