Next generation NVIDIA mobile GPUs confirmed

Nvidia MaxQNvidia MaxQ

Turing seems to be the name for the upcoming mobile Nvidia  GPUs, and it is confirmed they will launch later this year.

Confirmed by Gigabyte’s UK PR team, we will get the next generation of Nvidia mobile GPUs at near the end of the year. We’ve already talked about rumors about the next-gen desktop GPUs by Nvidia.


Since the next generation of desktop GPUs will be revealed this summer, we will finally get the answer to the question weather or not will it be the “11-series” or “20-series”.

When a user asked on the Overclockers UK forum weather or not is it worth it to buy a new gaming laptop today, a Gigabyte representative, Atom80, said…

The range coming in now will be stable and not having any additional refreshes until the next gen of GPUs is announced. Currently scheduled towards the end of the year.

And this also, in a way, confirms that we will see a launch of desktop GPUs this month, most likely during July. This is because there is always a gap between the launch of desktop and mobile GPUs.

Source: OCUK, Game Debate

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