The new nVidia GTX 2080 and 2070 series could be unveiled next month

GeForce GTXGeForce GTX

Nobody is 100% certain what will the new series be called – the ’20-series’ or ’11-series’. Nevertheless, the next-gen nVidia GPUs are very close.

It feels like ages since nVidia launched the new Pascal 10-series of their GPUs. The Pascal architecture was, and still is, a huge hit for nVidia. And according to rumors, nVidia will introduce a new 12-nanometer architecture, called Ampere.

Now, for a long time, it was thought that the new GTX GPUs would be based on the architecture found in the top-end Titan V and Tesla V100, Volta. But it looks like that, for now, Volta will still remain in only the top-end GPUs made specifically for AI, deep learning and high-performance computing (HPC). But this does not mean that Ampere could be a slightly detuned version of Volta.

However, the wild card here is something called Turing. It is speculated that this architecture will be specifically used for mining cryptocurrency. If so, it will reduce the demand for normal GPUs, and it could mean that the prices will drop.

When could we see all of this? Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is on March 26, so keep your eyes peeled. Also keep in mind that all of this are still rumors, but if it is anything like last time, for the current 10-series, most of this could be very true.

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