NVIDIA uses AI to rebuild corrupted or damaged images

Nvidia image AINvidia image AI

This AI can help fill in the blanks of an image that could be result of a corruption, or a missing detail.

However, this technology is nothing new. When Photoshop CS5 was released, the Content-Aware Fill didsomething similar. However, NVIDIA takes it to another level.


This process, which NVIDIA calls image inpainting, can be used not only for restoring missing image pixels, but also for removing an unwanted object from a scene and filling it back in.

“Our model can robustly handle holes of any shape, size location, or distance from the image borders,” wrote the NVIDIA researchers in a paper on inpainting. “Further, our model gracefully handles holes of increasing size. “To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to demonstrate the efficacy of deep learning image inpainting models on irregularly shaped holes.”

And of course, processing power is something NVIDIA has a lot, thanks to their GPUs.

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