RUMOR: Possible Intel GPU launching at CES 2019

Intel GPUIntel GPU

Take this with a grain of salt, but we could possibly see an Intel GPU relatively soon.

An industry source told TweakTown that Intel has already finished “the first step” and are getting ready for the big launch. When will it launch? It is expected to arrive at CES 2019. Other than this info, we really don’t know anything else.


The codenames for the GPUs will most likely be Arctic Sound and Jupiter Sound.
We can only assume what will be the use of these GPUs, and who will be the target customer. We could see Intel release a crazy new AI accelerator that would compete with the likes of NVIDIA’s Tesla and Quadro range of GPUs.
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The low to mid-range of GPUs is already taken and shared by AMD and Nvidia, however, Nvidia does not have any competition at the high-end. If the GPUs to target the high end, it will be interesting to see just how it will affect the market.

Source: Tweak Town, Wccftech

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