Samsung accidentally leaks Rose Gold Galaxy Watch

Samsung WatchSamsung Watch

Due to an accidental listing on Samsung’s website, we have seen a rose gold version of the Galaxy Watch.

Plenty of rumors are in the air about the upcoming Galaxy Watch. One of the rumors is that the watch will be available in a rose gold variant. However, thanks to an accidental listing on Samsung’s website, we now know for sure that there will be a Galaxy Watch in rose gold.


We even got a model number, SM-R810NZDAXAR — doesn’t match up exactly with anything we’ve previously seen. However, the R800 series number does match up with recent filings, so it’s possible this watch is just a variant.

This also all but confirms the rumor that Samsung will change the name scheme, dropping out the “Gear” part of the name and simply calling it the “Galaxy Watch”.

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There were also rumors that the smartwatch will be available in a gold variant, but it seems Samsung is changing gears and going for a more popular color, rose gold. And if this model is anything to go by, the next generation of the watch will be more luxurious rather than sporty.

However, this is what all we have right now. The link for the listing was dead, and the listing itself did not reveal any critical info, like a release date, specs, price or anything. All we got was a model number and that is it.

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