Samsung Galaxy S9+ scores the highest DxOMark score yet

Samsung Galaxy S9+Samsung Galaxy S9+

The new Samsung Galaxy S9+ just scored the highest DxOMark score and dethroned the Google Pixel 2.

Before releasing the S9+ to the public, Samsung really, really focused on the camera (no pun intended). And it looks like their efforts have paid off, since a lot of people agree that the camera is one of the best out right now.

If you are not familiar with DxOMark, it is arguably the most well-regarded photography scoring standard. It’s not the end-all be-all, but it’s a useful reference on camera quality.

The total score combines both video and picture capabilities of the device. In the photo category, the S9+ scored a really high 104. For reference, the Pixel 2 scored 99 and the iPhone 101.

Now, a long list of caveats. For one, the DxOMark score gives extra points for the telephoto camera. You can’t entirely separate the scores for just the main shooter which makes it less useful if you don’t really care about the telephoto lens. Case in point: the iPhone X scored a 98 to the iPhone 8’s 92 even though their primary camera is identical.

The photo score is divided into many, many categories. Some phones are better in some categories than others. For instance, the Pixel 2 is still at the top in ‘Exposure & Contrast,’ ‘Color,’ ‘Autofocus,’ and ‘Texture.’ But the S9+ leads in ‘Noise,’ ‘Zoom,’ and ‘Bokeh’.

The S9+ really shines in the Noise category, scoring 79 points. For reference, the Pixel 2 scores 59 here. The high score is due to the new F1.5 lens in the Galaxy.

Keep in mind, tho, this score is just a number. The deciding thing is what you think about the end result, and how you like the photo. Furthermore, DxOMark does not account for extra features, and the Galaxy has a lot of party tricks, like the Super slow-mo mode.

If you want all the details, click here to read it straight from DxOMark.

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