Samsung’s always-on display now supports GIFs

Galaxy AODGalaxy AOD

Sure, the AOD is pretty cool. But how to make it even more better? Add GIFs!

If you’re rocking a relatively new Samsung device, you probably have the AOD. The Always on display shows you some critical info, like battery remaining, your notifications, the current time…

And Samsung does allow you to customize it – you can adjust the colors, clock style and some other things to make it just the way you want it. Furthermore, Samsung also allows you to add an image to appear on the AOD. However, in the latest update, Samsung is stepping it up – you can now add GIFs to your always on display.

The new version of the AOD software,, allows you play loop a GIF. You can either choose a GIF that is preloaded, or any GIF from your gallery. However, to prevent some serious battery drain, the GIF plays only once. To play it again, you just tap it.

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