The Galaxy S6 line will no longer get monthly updates

Galaxy S6

Still using a Galaxy S6 like me? Well too bad, we won’t be getting any more updates.

Released two years ago,the Galaxy S6 generated a lot of buzz, since it was very different from it’s predecessor, the S5. And for good reason, the phone really is good, and still might be worth in 2018.

Samsung has a system in place, which determines how often a device receives updates. There is a list of the phones and tablets that will get patches and how often those patches will be rolled out. Not all devices listed in the table get updates as frequently as they’re supposed to and it serves only as a guideline. There’s a “monthly” section and another for “quarterly.” The monthly section is populated by flagship devices such as the Galaxy S and Note series and some Galaxy A series devices. Everything else is delegated to the quarterly section.


Of course, the S6 being an S phone, it received regular security updates. However, the things have changed now. Here is how it currently look. The Galaxy S6 is nowhere to be seen.


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