SD card & Apple- What did they done to Each Other


Apple is always give its user a heavy memory back up so that they don’t have to use SD card and there is no slot of it in Apple devices as well. Apple phones came with 16, 32 & 64 GB till now. Previously Apple Mac Book had a SD card option or slot available, but now Apple has removed that too.

Apple always try to give different interface systems and things which are not available in Android phones. Again Apple trying to impress its users by increasing more memory to the Apple Mac Book Pro in the latest version of it. Mostly Mac Book Pro is used by photography lovers and now there will be no SD card slot anymore it in, but yes a lot more cue cable adapters will be there.

In news it has been stated that the older ports like headphone jack, charging slot, thunderbolt, HDMI etc will also be modified in a new way. Now that is really interesting, as how the slots or adapters can be modified, it is Apple and we can imagine how they can do it. So we can say Apple Mac Book is coming with a lot of new changes and differences.

It has been also heard that we will be able to transfer photos wirelessly, but we are already doing that. But the point is with so many options will it be popping out of laptop. One new user can be confused of so many options available. Mac Book Pro is an amazing computer already but I am afraid may be Apple is taking too much out of a laptop and may be the originality fundamentals are taken out of it. Let’s see and wait for the out of new device.

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