Skype getting new features!

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Microsoft Skype is getting new features which will make it easier and more helpful to use.

Skype’s desktop client had many version over they years, on multiple devices. After Microsoft got their hands on the service, they kept trying to unify  it. And slowly, but surely, they are getting there. The latest version allows you to screen share at 1080p with up to 24 people, use @mentions, share files up to 300 MB, find historic shared media with a built-in gallery of media content… And more features are coming!


Apart from that, you can now record your calls, read receipts to show when a message recipient has read a message, and end-to-end encryption of text and audio chat using the Signal protocol.

Another bonus feature will allow you to integrate the call into a stream using something like OBS, Xsplit or something similar.

You can read more about the new features here.

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