Snapchat launches privacy-safe Snap Kit


In essence, this will allow you to “Log in with Snapchat” to online services, but with privacy in mind.

This set of APIs lets other apps piggyback on Snap’s login for sign up, build Bitmoji avatars into their keyboards, display public Our Stories and Snap Map content, and generate branded stickers with referral links users can share back inside Snapchat.
The main selling point of this system is that it is focused on privacy. It will not let you share your social graph with other apps, in order to prevent something similar what happened with Facebook and the whole Cambridge Analytica fiasco.


If this system catches some steam over time, we will see more and more “Log in with Snapchat” buttons showing up in various apps. Right now, on launch, Tinder will all you to bring Bitmojis to chat, Patreon will allow fans to watch stories of creators from witin the app, and Postmates will ffer ETA stickers which  you can share in Snapchat that open the restaurant’s page in the delivery app.

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All of this in hopes that Snapchat will grow and expand more, and the aim is for more and more people to sign-up for Snapchat.

You can get more details here

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