Special Snapchat Lenses are coming to iPhone X users

New Snapchat LensesNew Snapchat Lenses

If you use the iPhone X and you love Snapchat, you’re in luck!

Thanks to TrueDepth technology, iPhone X users will have a much better experience with Lenses. For now, you’ll have 3 new lenses – Mardi Gras-esque mask, a Day of the Dead skull, and a pretty gold-plated eye cover.

The benefit is that it track much better. Snap also claims that the lenses will reflect the surrounding light better.


All this means that developers have access to the visual facial mapping data. However, it is separated from the data that is used to unlock the iPhone X with FaceID. Apple previously said this data can never be used for advertising or marketing, and that it cannot be bundled and sold to analytics companies or data brokers. Apple also says it bans developers from creating profiles of otherwise anonymous users by using identifying facial capture information. I would guess this means that Snap can’t store information about the expressions you make with these lenses or use them to target you with ads, although I can imagine companies will want to take advantage of the technology to brand these lenses eventually.

Source: TheVerge

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