Useful iPhone 7 tips and tricks : How to master the new iPhone 7

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) unveiled the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus early this month. The new iPhone models feature waterproofing, a dual-lens camera (iPhone 7 Plus) and wireless headphones. Pre-orders for the new iPhone 7 models were strong as per the reports from Sprint and T-Mobile. Both companies claim that pre-orders were roughly four time up from last year. We’ve already discussed why the iPhone is making people smile. Here’s how to get the most from your new iPhone 7.


1. Wake your iPhone 7 by picking it up

iPhone 7 tips and tricks

The iPhone 7 comes with iOS 10, Apple’s latest version of its mobile operating system, which packs a number of cool features for the iPhone 7.

One of the most useful new features of iOS 10 and the iPhone 7 is the ability to wake up the display when the handset is picked up. Now when you want to check your phone, all you need to do is lift up the iPhone 7 and the screen will wake, allowing you to check notifications and unlock your iPhone 7 quickly and easily.

2. Where has the lock screen camera shortcut gone?

Remember on other iPhones where you’d swipe on the little camera icon on the lock screen to quickly open the camera? It’s not there in iOS 10, and it’s not immediately obvious what to do instead. Don’t worry though, just swipe to the left on the lock screen to open the camera instantly. Just as quick and easy as before.

3. Access your widgets pane from the lock screen

While they’ve been around for a couple of years, iOS widgets were not that well implemented in earlier iOS version. This all got changed with iOS 10, which introduced a new widget pane that is accessible by swiping all the way to left on your home or lock screens, where Spotlight search usually resides. Of course, you can enable, disable, and switch the places of all available widgets.

4. How to force a restart

The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a physical Home button, so the method for forcing a restart, or a hard reset, has changed. Now, hold down the power button on the right side of the phone, and the volume down button on the left side at the same time. Keep them held down until the phone restarts and you see the Apple logo.

5. Take even better selfies

It’s not just the rear-facing camera that gets an overhaul with the iPhone 7, the front-facing FaceTime camera has been boosted from 5MP to 7MP, allowing you to take even better selfies than ever before, as well as drastically improve the quality of your FaceTime video chats.

The FaceTime camera also comes with image stabilisation and again can take advantage of wide color capture for more natural and realistic colors in your photos.

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