Want another save slot in Metal Gear Survive? That’ll be 10$

Metal Gear SurviveMetal Gear Survive

Game devs and publishers have recently gone mad with chagrining you for almost everything in games. But Konami takes it a step further and asks 10$ for a bonus save slot!

Want another character save slot in the new Metal Gear Survive? Well too bad, you’ll have to buy it. The game recently came out of beat, and right off the bat, the reviews were mixed. People complained about the tedious gameplay, annoying survival mechanics and clunky combat.  Sure, all that can be fixed with some updates, but then comes the in-game currency, SV coins.

Out of the box, you have three extra save slots, but all of them are locked. One save slot is 1000 coins, meaning you have to buy the 10$ package of 1150 coins. See, this would not be that bad if you could earn the coins through normal gameplay. However, you can only get a small bonus for logging in. That is it. And yes, you can also spend the coins on character cosmetics and XP boosts.

Yes, the argument that the game is 40$ stays, charging 10$ for another save slot is just ridiculous. It is difficult to justify something done out of pure greed.

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