Apex concept phone from Vivo has a pop-up selfie camera and a ‘half-screen’ fingerprint scanner

Vivo Apex CameraImage credit: cnet.com

Made by Vivo, the Apex concept brings a lot of interesting and unique features to the table.

The Apex Vivo brings a few things to the table that you simply do not see. Number one is that awesome pop-up selfie camera which is just cool. It takes 0.8 seconds to get ready, and before you ask, it is actually built well and does not feel like you can snap it off easily. Why does it need a pop-up selfie camera? Because there is no room on the bezzles to put it. That gives you an idea just how thin the bezzles really are.

Another cool feature is that the bottom half-ish (about 1/3 of the screen) is a fingerprint sensor. This means that you can place your finger on any part of the bottom of the screen and unlock the phone without even thinking about it. Just like the previous model, the technology does require an OLED screen to work, since it needs to light up your finger.

And you might be wondering where the speaker is? Well, it is in front of you. The entire screen vibrates and makes it a speaker. Not the best sounding, and not the loudest, but it is still cool.

Vivo has no plans to sell the Apex. This is just a concept and demonstrates what the possibilities are.

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