We might get a budget Google Pixel

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The Nexus line was popular for being cheap and affordable, yet powerful, and the first to receive updates. But the Pixel line changed that…

With the launch of the Pixel series, and the shutdown of the Nexus series, Google’s in-home brand went from being relatively affordable to pretty expensive in a short time. Ever since then, people have been demanding a change from Google, and, if the rumor mill is to believed, we could see a budget-oriented Pixel device soon.


The Google Pixel 3 is close to launch. And while new flagship phones are exiting and interesting, not a lot of people can afford one, including me. That is why Google might make a budget version of the Pixel.

Now, not much is known about the device. It is said that the device will launch sometime early in 2019, and that it will rock the new Spandragon 710. Other than that, nothing else is known.
Don’t be fooled by the Snapdragon 710. It will pack a lot of performance and features from the 8XX series into the chip for a mass-market price. Other rumors also point out that the production for the phone has already slowly started.

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Source: Slash Gear

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