Wireless electricity that actually works

Wireless powerWireless power

We have wireless internet, but wireless power is something on a whole new level!

Technically, we do have wireless charging. The Lumia series popularized it (remember Windows Phone and Lumias?). Anyways, we kinda take it for granted now. However, it is very, very limited. It can only operate at a very short distance, and has to be aligned properly, and will often loose a decent amount of energy on heat.


But technology progresses at a fast pace. And that is why Wi-Charge brought us COMPLETELY WIRELESS ELECTRICITY! For real!

And the it works relatively simple. The emitter looks like any light you’d put on your ceiling. However, in the center of it, behind some black glass is an IR transmitter. The transmitter emits high-energy Infra-red light, which is picked up by an IR receiver, located in a custom phone case, or it can be attached as a dongle to your mobile device, such as a tablet. It receives the high-energy light, converts it into energy and BOOM your device is charging. That, really is it. It works similarly to solar panels. And you can scale it up by adding together more of those dongles.

Now before you ask – yes, it is safe. It will not give you cancer or anything like that. It will not interfere with your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or basically any signal in your home. And the transmitter can track multiple receivers. However, if direct line of sight is broken, the energy transfer stops, of course. This means that you can’t have your phone in your pocket and charge it at the same time.

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How much power? The smaller transmitter can deliver around 1W of energy, while the bigger one is capable of 3W. And keep in mind, it is scalable that means that multiple transmitters can be combined to increase coverage and power.

Watch this cool video to get an idea how it actually works.

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