Lenovo’s all-screen phone debuts on June 5th

Lenovo Z5

TheĀ Lenovo Z5 has a 95 percent screen-to-body ratio, which is crazy.

You might think “ah, well, it will still have a notch or something.” NO! No notches whatsoever. And we do have the technology needed for something like this…mostly. We already have the in-screen fingerprint reader (well, technically UNDER the screen, but still…).A piezoelectric speaker will allow you to make phone calls, with the speaker being behind the glass. One thing that we don’t really know about is the location of the front camera. The Vivo Apex solved this with a camera that pops up.


The hidden selfie camera could be one of the 18 patented technologies that Chang Cheng, company VP, said that the phone has. We will have to wait until June 5th to see it. So make sure you like us on Facebook andĀ subscribe to our newsletter to get the news.

Source: Engadget

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