YouTube creators can now flag stolen videos


YouTube now allows you to flag a video if it was stolen from you – considering you have at least 100,000 subscribers.

With thousands and thousands of videos being uploaded every moment to YouTube, it is hard to keep¬†track of all of them. And because of this, some videos tend to get stolen and re uploaded. And Google can’t do much about this, other than relying on people flagging the video. It is because of this that creators can now flag a video if it was stolen from them (considering the creator has at least 100k subs).


This new tool has actually been around for almost a year, but it has been in beta testing. Channels which meet the requirements will see a Copyright section in the left part of the YouTube Studio. Matched videos will be located in the “matches” tab. Then, the creator can take action, such as messaging the other channel, request a removal, or do nothing.¬†YouTube reminds creators that just because they find a match doesn’t mean it’s automatically copyright infringement; it could be “fair use, fair dealing or a similar exception to copyright” and thus allowed to be posted by someone other than you.

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