This new artificial eye will help you if you see blurry images


If you have issues with blurry images, this new artificial eye can help you with that. It can also give you optical zoom.

This new artificial eye is electronically controlled, and it can automatically stretch and correct several factors that cause blurry images. Focus, astigmatism and image shift all cause blurry images.

But it does not stop there. It is feasible to implement some cool tech into it, like optical zoom or autofocus and could even embed virtual reality hardware.

Alan She from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences says that this artificial eye combines research from artificial muscle technology with metalens technology, allowing them to create a metalens which is tunable and can change focus in real time.

The key to building an artificial eye like this is scaling up the metalens.

“Because the nanostructures are so small, the density of information in each lens is incredibly high,” said She.

Scientists have made a new algorithm which shrinks the file size, which allows the metalens to be compatible with the technology currently used to make integrated circuits.

The researchers also demonstrated that the lens can simultaneously focus, control aberrations caused by astigmatisms, as well as perform image shift. Together, the lens and muscle are only 30 microns thick.


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