Articles by AVA JAMES


Pokemon GO Plus accessory is here For just $34.99

The Pokémon GO Plus accessory is now available in limited quantities around the world. Niantic has just launched its special Pokemon GO Plus accessory. The bad news is not everyone will be able to purchase…


First 3-D Map of a Fruit Fly’s Brain Network

The first step to understanding brain function is to determine the brain’s network structure. An important goal in neuroscience is to understand the structure of links between neurons that make up the brain: in other…


Logitech bought Saitek from MadCatz for $13 million in cash

Logitech has just purchased Saitek, the company known for its seriously heavyweight flight (and space) sim controllers and accessories, for $13 million (around £10 million, AU$17 million). Its catalog includes a range of simulation gear,…