Chnia’s space station has finally crahsed


We’ve talked about Tiangong-1 already in the past, and its crash.

After a long time of observing the dead space station and trying to predict where it will crash – it finally happened. On 0015 UTC, it broke up and fell in the South Pacific.
See? We told you should not worry about it.

However, before the uncontrollable crash, the ESA said that China planned a “controlled re-entry”, at the end of its operational life.


The 10.4-metre-long (34.1-foot) Tiangong-1, or “Heavenly Palace 1”, was launched in 2011 to carry out docking and orbit experiments as part of China’s ambitious space program, which aims to place a permanent station in orbit by 2023. The space station completed six docking maneuvers with Chinese Shenzhou spacecraft, and the first two Chinese taikonauts had also been on board, and even taught a class that was broadcast into schools across the country.

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