Google has been secretly working on an Android successor


It is crazy to think that Google is working on an alternative for Android, an operating system which powers three quarters of the world’s smartphones.

Fuchsia is the name of the project Google has been quietly working on for the last two years now. Engineers who are working on the project told Bloomberg that they want to see it being rolled out to voice-activated smart speakers and other devices within the next three years.

But it seems as if Google is in no rush with this project. There are “only” 100 engineers at Google who are actively involved with this project. It was told to Bloomberg that the goal of the operating system is to incorporate it into voice-controlled speakers and other “connected home devices” in the next three years, and on larger devices like laptops in the next five years.  It is also stated that Fuchsia could eventually be used to power Pixel smartphones and Google Home speakers.

The project will also probably focus on fixing the shortcomings of Android, with a focus on voice commands and frequent security updates.


And keep in mind that this is not the first time we’ve heard about this project, oh no. Fuchsia has been public since last year. Lots of details about the open-source project can be found online. Google has also been posting code related to the project online since 2016! Business Insider asked Google about the project, and a Google spokesperson replied, saying:

Fuchsia is one of many experimental open source projects at Google. We’re not providing additional details about the project at this time.

Other than this, Google has kept quiet about the project. There are not talking a lot about the future plans for Fuchsia. Considering that the team is relatively small and a distant possible release, it seems that Google is not really focusing a lot on this project, and it is not a big of a concern, at least not right now.

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