Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 ditches the fingerprint sensor

Galaxy Tab S4Galaxy Tab S4

Thanks to an early leak of the Tab 4 firmware, we now know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 will rely only on the iris scanner and facial recognition for security and unlocking.

Tablet sales are quite low nowadays, but despite that, Samsung still believes in their tablets and they are not giving up on their Tab 4. From all the leaks and renders we have now, it seems as if Samsung will drop out the physical home button, and the fingerprint reader with it. On the renders we have available now, there are no signs of a fingerprint reader. That might make you believe that the scanner will be hidden under the scree, but nope!


It seems that Samsung still thinks that the technology is not ready for prime time yet, even though it can already be found out in the public. Because of that, the 10.5-inch Tab S4 will rely only on iris and facial recognition for biometric authentication. How do we know this? An instructional video highlighting the convenience of the iris + facial recognition combo has been discovered in prematurely revealed Galaxy Tab S4 firmware.

Now, this technology is nothing new, and Samsung had some time to polish it out and make it a bit faster. It is not as fast as something like Apple’s FaceID, however, it does get the job done. Only “issue” is that you have to align your face and eyes “just right” to get a proper reading and unlock the device or confirm you identity.

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Samsung is shifting the design of almost all of their devices to a more elegant and modern design, with much thinner bezzles and no physical buttons, relying only on the on-screen buttons for navigation.

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